Samir Allen Farhoumand

About Samir Allen Farhoumand

When the pandemic of 2020 became a genuine concern, logistical routes that had been thought to function flawlessly began to break down, causing widespread panic. It wasn't long before the shelves of supermarkets began to resemble the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Expert Samir  Allen  Farhoumand  presents    an in-depth study of what went wrong with 2020s supply systems, as well as suggestions for how to avoid making the same errors in the future. The author,  Samir  Allen Farhoumand, draws on his own extensive logistics experience, as well as his strong grasp of the areas where the most recent weaknesses have emerged, to raise the  beacon  indicating  what  every organization that depends on logistics has to pay attention to right now. The systemic faults of 2020 should not be repeated in  the  future,  according to a crucial point of view that Samir Allen Farhoumand expresses on a regular basis.